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The Nude Collection: Beauty and Endless Inspiration

Nudity in art continues to be a controversial topic. There continues to be an aspect of shame and lack of privacy that strays away from what is deemed ‘acceptable’ by society. I believe, however, that this is primarily due to a lack of understanding of the style and purpose of these artworks in general. 

I wish that the ‘definitions’ within this category could be rewritten to more accurately depict the meaning behind it, and to show why it was and still is worthy of its place in all University-level art courses and classical curriculums.

My "Nude" collection symbolizes the cultivation of taste for beauty and delicacy. These artworks reward viewers with all-encompassing images dedicated to beauty and the natural state of the body.

Catherine – 11 Art Studio

The Nude Style

Are we back in ancient Greece? When heroes were painted nude on vases and gods were sculpted bare in limestone in the name of ‘heroic nudity’? Of course not. However, the appreciation for this stunning rawness and the perception of the beauty of the human body is timeless and will always have a place within the artistic community.

These are just some examples of how, in ancient times, nudity in artwork was considered nothing but an accurate depiction of the human essence – no lust or eroticism present at all. I see a unique humanity in these artworks, proof that the appreciation for our bodies transcends time and trends.

Why Should You Hang a Nude Painting on the Wall in 2022?

From an interior design point of view, this sort of artwork is undoubtedly not for a teenager’s bedroom. However, it provides poise for other spaces – such as living rooms – by balancing the beauty of the human body while simultaneously discarding lust and explicit eroticism. It is an ancient technique of creating mature content in a way that is both suitable for a variety of situations as well as tasteful and beautiful. I believe that these pieces can bring a unique benefit and essence to a space that other styles cannot.

I prefer to use emotions and faces to tell a story through my art, rather than just create erotica art. In particular, the third dimension of texture within my artworks helps transmit the power of beauty and elegance I aim to capture within my nude pieces.


The Tantalising Creativity of Abstract Nude Art

I am against photorealism in canvas art in 2021. Giclée prints and cameras achieve this just fine. Why would I strive to compete with work designed for machines? It, to me, seems like a futile task. I would much rather create unique images which, without an artist and their mind, would never be seen by the naked eye.

Immerse yourself in her story.


In the summer, she rarely looked forward to Christmas. She was far too old for that excitement now. No, instead she simply looked forward to cherries.

They were only ripe at this time of year, only attractive to the tastebuds when the sun was warm. In the days of early December, she couldn’t escape the summer heat. The air sat in her room heavy and sticky.

Her fingers reached behind her head and into the fruit bowl. It was finally time to indulge herself. Picking up a singular cherry by the stem, she brought it to her mouth, and bit off the fruit.

Cherry juice covered the room. It splattered the walls and her body, cooling her down. The scent of sweat was replaced with that of sweet fructose.

It was already time for another.

Our work explores the beauty of humanity and appreciates the feminine body. We use a variety of techniques to truly capture the beauty of the nude body. Textures, layering and other visual elements allow your mind to be presented with incredibly graceful images that are sure to provoke your creative thought.

I also believe that the human brain is extremely, extremely creative. More so than it is given credit for. Our brain works by demanding new information, more and more of it, constantly. This applies to art as well. When the mind comes across something already known, it chooses to ignore it and seeks something innovative, unseen, and interactive.

Classic paintings are already common knowledge for the brain. Therefore, I implement abstract and modern elements within my nude artworks to provide the brain with new information to analyse, resulting in a deeper connection with the image all-round.

Artists, universally, should strive to encourage the brain to both recognise pleasant imagery and creatively ‘fill in the blanks’ of the message being sent. Artworks should be fuelled by creativity and purpose rather than act as mindless portrayals of desire and surface level emotion. This is the philosophy we carried through our studio nudity collection.

It is of significant benefit to the mind to be presented with such graceful and striking images. When you observe and analyse such artworks, the beauty of them remains present in both your thoughts and actions. I accept commissions of all kinds in this style – I believe it is a style that needs to be encouraged and recognised.

Layering, Textures and Other Technical Attributes

Art isn’t just a visual expression of an idea. We believe in using multiple techniques, like layering, texture and other technical skills to create an experience that engages multiple senses.

Our work explores the beauty of humanity and appreciates the feminine body. We use a variety of techniques to truly capture the beauty of the nude body. Textures, layering and other visual elements allow your mind to be presented with incredibly graceful images that are sure to provoke your creative thought.

Her Symphony 51x76cm


A celebration of the female anatomy, this nude piece highlights the natural beauty of the female body. Tantalising curves and intricate details make this piece a show-stopper.

I love my womanly gracefulness. The intricate parts of me that make me who I am. Every curve I own is stunningly highlighted by the environment I find myself in. Fully relaxed, I am able to truly show who I am.

Each breath I take shares more of my aura with the world. I am a woman who is inspired, creative and loves freely. My body is my temple and I am free to share its beauty with the world.

Relax as you find yourself lost in my curves and natural beauty. Here is my true symphony of me, I give all parts of myself freely to this world. My symphony is my unique creative expression that you can become lost in.

  • Ethereal, grey piece
  • Mid-century modern design
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Her Gaze Like Smoke 41x51cm

She held a gun. She held my gaze. We met at an uptown club where people danced, hips swaying, hands gliding, music breathing wonderous ecstasy into an eager crowd of the city’s most exclusive names and faces. We danced for what felt like hours, till finally she took my hand and pulled me outside into the cold winter night. We linked arms and started down the boulevard with no plans for a destination, just a mind to enjoy the sound of our voices rising and falling over the beating of our hearts. At some point, she slipped a pistol from her clutch purse, caught my eye, and gave a little grin. I eyed the sleek frame, the curves of it and grinned back.
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Ritual 61x76cm

Harriet Craft found quiet moments to herself tucked between night and the rising sun. She focused on her breathing–inhale, exhale—her chest unspooling, her shoulders expanding, her mind, easing. With every deliberate exhalation, she found a worry buried deep within her, resurrected it, then set loose upon the fading blue remnants of predawn.
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Beauty. Endless inspiration

Venus 61x91cm

Through the cloudy seafoam silk, a woman was created. Strawberry blonde hair caught the light, reflecting specks of red and blonde throughout her locks. Seafoam silk wrapped around her calves and thighs, a forever reminder of her creation. She glanced over the world – from the beaches and the forests – and caressed the sands within her palm. A youthful fertility washed over the waters and the soil under her gaze, and her gentle kisses left newborn in their path. She was the mother of love, and the epitome of beauty.
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Meet Our Artists

We are a husband and wife duo who work together from our studio in Queensland. We have a burning passion for abstract art and are inspired to present complex ideas in the form of abstract.

We are known for our iconic Marilyn Monroe abstract works and our exploration into nude art. Contact us now to see how we can work for you.

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