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Catherine & Ivan

As equal partners in the creative process, we are both №1, together we are '11 ART STUDIO'.  Creating modern paintings to enhance living spaces and enrich lives.


Creating modern art for a modern world

We are a happily married couple and have three beautiful kids. We work full time in beautiful QLD and create modern paintings to enhance living spaces and enrich lives.

Hence we are both №1, which is the symbolic meaning behind our studio’s name. Together, we are ’11 Art Studio’.

Catherine & Ivan


Here is a story of why we are painting

Once upon a time, we moved five times in four-and-a-half years; Brisbane, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Sydney and then back to the Gold Coast again. You see, whenever we move home we always choose the best option available.

Why? Because living in beauty and comfort is essential to us. Our hearts are in highest vibration when we have light walls, soft carpet, beautiful blinds, spaciousness and wonderful natural views. But, despite this, our previous homes always lacked emotion. They were pleasant but they didn’t make our heart’s sing.

From our apartment in Sydney, we could see the city, a piece of Botany Bay and the Royal National park (Yes, it happens, don’t ask about the price). There was no denying the apartment’s beauty! However, there was just one ‘catch’… it was one-hundred square meters of bland emptiness.

Have you experienced this?

A lack of colour, decoration, or attractive patterns? Or maybe, just realising that yesterday’s style does not make you happy anymore.

Before our children were born (now we have three boys), we had a tiny apartment of just thirty-four square meters. Before we moved in, we renovated everything. Through the experience we discovered that a splash of the right colour, images, or even just colour tints can create emotions and energy that weren’t there before. Sometimes it’s just the small touches that breathe life and vibrancy into a home.

Catherine has a degree in visual arts. She works with portraits, landscapes, still lifes, graphics, oil, coal, and pencil.  First, we drew for our house; now, we do it for other people.

The first painting left the studio five minutes after the presentation. We didn’t even say it was for sale! We had simply published it on a WhatsApp group shared with friends.

As soon as he saw it, our friend Andrew typed ‘I’ll buy it.’
‘Are you serious?’ typed his wife.
Andrew didn’t hesitate. “It resonates with me. I like it!”

The second canvas was taken from our wall by a neighbour who came in to talk about the children. It was a 60×90 abstract painting in cool blues.

Julie clapped her hands together and said, “I want it. I’ve fallen in love, and I’ll take it!”

After my wife and I shared a glance, I hesitantly responded, “Oops, are you sure? We like it too! We were thinking of hanging it in the bedroom. What would your offer be?”

Julie smiled. “I visit galleries; I know trends, products and prices.”

Julie was an accountant, and one of her clients owns a well-known gallery. We knew her reputation. She offered us three times more than we had expected.

And that is how we became a full-time people-to-people business.

Our statement

We believe interior art should decorate and ennoble while matching in style and aesthetic. We are willing to create works of any size and character on demand. It is our passion to help people breathe life, colour and quality into their homes.

We invite you to drop by the “11 Art Studio” to have a cup and look at what we have to offer. 

Thank you for reading. Sharing our journey and art is important to us.

11 Art Studio 
Ivan and Catherine

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