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Marilyn: The Abstract Portrait You Need in Your Home

In 2022 we started a new series of paintings dedicated to Marylin Monroe and there is a reason why.

Her gaze captures your soul and freezes your breath. Filled with an unreadable emotion, you find yourself becoming lost in the expressional eyes that bestow her stunning face. Her golden curls shine like halos in the light.

She is Marilyn.

Catherine – 11 Art Studio

Marilyn Monroe in the simplest of terms? A timeless inspiration.

When we think of Monroe, many notable attributes come to mind, including:

Splendour. Monroe exuded classiness and gorgeousness. With a red lip, bold eyeliner and shimmery eyelids, this cosmetic extravagance transcends time – people today still aiming to achieve the classic ‘Marilyn look’.

Freedom of expression. Through singing, acting, and even writing poetry, Monroe’s expression of self was and remains both admirable and inspiring.

Lastly, motivation and success. From overcoming a difficult childhood to becoming one of the most recognisable and successful actresses of all time, Monroe achieved success through her own hard work and dedication.

Monroe acts as a guide in inspiring people to both start their journey and achieve their goal. This cannot be said for modern-day Instagram celebrities whose image will be forgotten in a couple of years, who fall short of creating a brand still felt 50 years later.

Would I hang a picture of Monroe in my home?

Without a doubt! Through a meaning deeper than a surface level image, depictions of Monroe manage to enrich any environment. I have yet to see an image of her that is not beautiful, captivating and an enhancement of its surroundings.

Decades have come and gone and yet pictures such as that below remain iconic. Without a place for vulgarity, eroticism or unreasonable nudity, stylishness prevails where Monroe’s image is featured.

In our paintings of Monroe, we diverge from the realism inherent in photography. We try to capture genuine femininity with neutral tones and a soft balanced palette. 

Additionally, these paintings of mine allow for the freedom of my own imagination. Purposeful elements of incompleteness allow the viewer’s brain to complete the picture in their own image.

Using images of Monroe in your home act as both “a reminder of her greatness as well as the 1950’s era”, as stated by Homedit author Claudia Atudosiei. It makes little to no difference what environment Monroe’s image finds itself in – her picture brings glamour to any house of any style.

I have yet to see somewhere where Monroe’s image isn’t incorporated beautifully into interior design – whether it be a modern, grunge, or classic environment, or a café, home, or restaurant – Monroe’s picture is always welcome and adored.

How we craft Monroe

Collection performed at abstract techniques fits modern trends and designers demands. From our experience, abstract composition is great for modern interiors. 

Abstract allows us to showcase Marilyn Monroe in all of her incredible beauty. She inspires us to work around the clock. Explore our creation process below:

1. Our paintings are for interior design. First we select primary and secondary/complementary colours to follow the interior colour scheme.

2. We begin by completing charcoal sketches. Sometimes, there can be up to 12 sketches prior to painting.

3. The next sketch development is in acrylic paint.

4. Artwork references are well known photos of Marilyn. After drawing 1000s of different bodies and faces, it is very easy to transmit on paper.

5. We then plan the layers. Sometimes we try layer orders and thickness on a small canvas. We have a special log book to note technical details for future references, as well note dates, paint mixes, conditions, mediums.

6. Prepare surface. It could be canvas or linen, smooth or medium tooth, depending on the purpose and order. Apply gesso for durability if necessary and apply the first background layer.

7. Let’s paint. Layer by layer. It takes up to a week to complete. In the same cases there are up to 8 layers of paint. We have to wait for the paint to dry prior to moving on to the next layer.

8. In some cases modification can be done on the go. Our IPad helps us by taking pics and applying digital layers to see development. It allows us to avoid mistakes for difficult cases or even mock-up the painting into an interior to see the result before the job is done.


Painting is ready. Let’s hang on the wall.

Monroe’s image is incredibly unique and the perfect centrepiece for any interior. Let’s explore.

Lofty, cool-toned interiors will benefit from Monroe’s image. She even looks great in a corporate environment and evokes a strong drive for productivity.

Monroe is synonymous with luxury decor. Adding her abstract portrait your home is a guaranteed way to may your bespoke interior appear more regal and luxurious.

The bedroom is a good choice for a Monroe portrait. Her sensitivity and kind nature is one of the characteristics she was most known for. Our abstract portraits capture her gentle soul in a stunning way, making this the perfect addition to a peaceful bedroom.

Take note of the first picture in these images. Her golden hue is reminiscent of Hollywood and would work well in a make-up room. Be inspired by the queen of glamour herself and bask in her stylish image.

Her face as the centrepiece of your living room is how you bring a joyous atmosphere to the room. We have multiple works that capture her beautiful smile and her infectious laughter, and believe her portrait is a unique way to bring this energy into your living space.

Or maybe you’re looking to add an allure of mystery and fantasy to your home? Here is one of our portraits that provides an elegant hint of mysterious allure to any living space.

Immerse yourself in her story.

“She held a gun. She held my gaze”.

We met at an uptown club where people danced, hips swaying, hands gliding, music breathing wonderous ecstasy into an eager crowd of the city’s most exclusive names and faces. We danced for what felt like hours, till finally she took my hand and pulled me outside into the cold winter night. We linked arms and started down the boulevard with no plans for a destination, just a mind to enjoy the sound of our voices rising and falling over the beating of our hearts.

At some point, she slipped a pistol from her clutch purse, caught my eye, and gave a little grin. I eyed the sleek frame, the curves of it and grinned back.

Our plans for future

That is an ongoing series. We will do more Monroe paintings, as we can no longer stop.  The idea behind the Monroe image is beautiful and timeless. It’s a story that we’ve become attached to and we love to share all aspects of this iconic Hollywood beauty in our works.

Below is a recent digital sketch of Marilyn Monroe Ivan completed with a modern twist. We will possibly implement it in a larger format soon.

We will most definitely complete more projects dedicated to Marilyn Monroe and the message her presence sends. I never fail to find inspiration and motivation within the company of her image.


Series future development

Series future development involves adding new personalities and showcasing Marilyn in new lights. We want to inspire new emotions and thoughts with her presence, and will continue to experiment with different mediums and abstract to accomplish this.

What do you think of what we are doing? Would you prefer something similar, different colours or sizes?

Let’s chat. Commission is available. Free delivery. Free return – no risk.

Manroe. Endless inspiration

Talk to the Town 51x61cm

A window shatters across the street, glass and flowers scatter and bounce across the pavement, a moment of motion deviating from the routine pattern of another long work week. Gina, the florist steps onto the street, picks her away around red geraniums and honey suckle. She doesn’t seem surprised in the slightest despite her window exploding onto the sidewalk. I make my way across the street as a crowd begins to gather. “It was just an accident, really, nothing to worry about. Thank you.” The florist plucks the flowers from among the silicate thorns with the sure hands of her trade.
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A timeless insperation

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