Do you like our paintings and want something custom?

Custom size, particular colour scheme or subject matter.

We can help! Message something that you have already seen in our store or portfolio, or something that has inspired you. Our canvas supplier stocks many different sized blank canvases to suit your needs. We can organise custom sizes. We are always flexible to meet your needs.



How much does it cost?

Same as a comparable style and complexity piece in our store.

All commissions require a 20% deposit to start. You will receive photos of the finished piece before it has been glossed. We will be able to make any changes at this point. After approval, the painting will be varnished. Once the balance has been paid, Ivan will carefully package and insure your piece.



There is no risk to you.  

If you reject the painting, we will simply refund your deposit and use it as stock. 

We have never had a commission rejected, however we understand how important it is to have a seamless returns process. Simply send your painting back and we will refund your deposit. You have to love what is on your walls, which is why we’ve made returns so easy!



* cotton and linen available.


Here are sizes in stock from our supplier. We can get your size at the studio the next day after your order. Most of the sizes we have in our studio already. Linen and cotton options are also available.

If there no the right size of stretched canvas for your project or have your own idea how to stretch we can offer two options:

Option 1. Ship you a rolled canvas (stretching required). No frame, just canvas transported in a tube – any size available! We always stock in studio canvas 2.1 m wide 450g per sq.m.

Option 2. We will contact our local framer to make a custom size just for you!

Our usual turnaround is 5-10 days. However, in some cases it may be up to 2 weeks (dry, multilayers, modifications). Usually we are pretty busy. But if you have an interesting project we are ready to take a pause.

You will get a photo or video of your painting throughout the process. You are welcome to come to the studio. We always send a final photo prior to varnishing, and if revision is required we will do it for you. Reasonable amount of modifications are welcome.

We offer a free 7-day returns policy. Personal portraits are not fully returnable as they are based on personal content. We can not put it in our store stock, however this never happens. We offer plenty of opportunities for revisions to ensure your custom piece is perfect for your needs. 

Same as a comparable style and complexity piece in our store. Negotiable, make an offer or ask us for a quote.

We love to create modern abstract portraits. We can do it from your photo or you are welcome to the studio to model.

We love to capture people’s emotions on canvas, that is our favorite. The portraits tune us to the highest level of productivity. Please have a look at our portfolio.

We have in the studio around 150 jars, tubes, bottles of acrylic paint for any needs in different sheen, suited to complete any project. Our main brands are Matisse, Derivan, Atelier, Winsor & Newton and Jo Sonja.

Do you want oil? No problem! Recently oil was the main paint medium for us. The biggest piece in oil we’ve painted was an incredible 2.6 x 3 m mural.

We do not stock all ranges of oil paint, but we are ready to order for your project. Just keep in mind:

  • It will take up to a week to get quality artist oil paint and mediums from our supplier.
  • Drying time is longer compared to acrylic depending on the technique. In the same cases it takes a couple weeks and sometimes it takes several months for oil paint to dry.

Some styles we can not do in oil paint based on paint characteristics. Please contact us to find out more.

Why a custom painting?

We know that the best shoes are custom-made. The best fitted suits are tailored, and we often take our favourite clothes to the seamstress in order to make them fit perfectly.

There is no one-size fits all in your interior decor. We all have our own tastes and inspirations. It’s important to choose a painting that matches the palette and size of your home. That’s why we offer bespoke, custom tailored commissions that you can tailor for your home.